Friday, 28 December 2012

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Leonardo Da Vinci - WIP
My daughter (and Deb's Niece) Hayley, has just opened her online cross stitch business - XSquared.  She has been stitching for years and has decided to sell patterns and threads of all the wonderful old Masters as well as some amazing fractal designs.

Just as I surround myself with Yarn from all over the place, she has been doing the same with threads and patterns and, let me tell you, our house is full.  I can only forsee one problem - I know I am going to want to get back into cross stitch but it means sacrificing knitting time.  Dilemma!

Unpacking - Exciting Day
XSquared - Contemporary & Fine Art Cross Stitch

XSquared - Facebook 

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Hayley ...  "I like the calming aspect of cross stitch.  I like the fact that I can zone out from work and University and sew for hours and hours,.. and to be able to create a fine art masterpiece is something I never tire of"

We wish you well Hayley.

Happy Stitching,


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