Wednesday, 19 December 2012

"I can make it myself" Felt Journal

I have always loved to watch the growing independence of my children.  From the  moment  they could first reach the tap to get themselves a drink or open what was once unreachable door, to the delight of being able to tie their own shoelaces or the poignant morning when they first walked themselves to school, I haven't made a demonstrative outburst at these small achievements, but I've quietly smiled and been thankful for the little people we've produced.  When Andie, my 11 year old decided that she was going to make herself a little felt journal, it was again a delight to sit back and watch the project develop before my eyes...and camera!



2 Pieces of contrasting felt, plus some small pieces for embellishment.
Tape measure
Tailors chalk
Measuring tape or ruler
Paper (folded A4 is fine)
Sewing needle

To make the cover, Andie cut one 23cm x 15cm (9in x 6in) and in the contrasting colour, two felt pieces 14cm x 11cm (approx 5 and  a half x 4in)

For the decorative front pocket , Andie cut a piece of felt 9cm x 10cm (approx 3 and a half x 4in), cut decorative felt petals and found a sparkly button.  Sew button as the anchor for the petals, fold the largest price of felt in half (this will be the cover for the journal) and sew the pocket onto the cover.  We used white embroidery thread for the sewing part of the project.

When the front cover is complete, sew the inner panels to the inside of the journal covers.

Andie then folded and cut several sheets of A4 paper to size and pierced holes in the centre fold with a large needle.  Sew and tie paper in place.

I'm not sure what secrets or ideas will be written in this homemade book, but regardless, an eleven year old spent a delightful afternoon planning and crafting!


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  1. I love that the kids can make it. I always find myself sneaking in and taking over their projects. I need to let them take over more often. Thanks for linking up at One Creative Weekend! Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Thanks for hosting the Creative Weekend Heidi, I love seeing the creative projects that others share. It is very hard to stand back sometimes, I find that if I have the camera in my hand it helps control the impulse to take over...mostly :-) Deb


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