Friday, 9 November 2012

Loom Knit Market bag

I love finding a bargain.  I well remember the day I came home from a local charity shop with a bag of "Knitting Twine" purchased for the princely sum of $4.00.  My mind raced with possibilites.  I knitted up a little sample to see what a finished project may look like,  offered it to my sister for a project she was thinking about and finally reached the conclusion that "Knitting Twine" is quite a tricky medium to work with and I wasn't surprised that this lot ended up for sale in a charity shop.  It was possibly only this particular lot, but the tension of the yarn was such that it would try and ravel and unravel everywhich way I other words, it was a knitting nightmare!

I quickly came to the conclusion that whatever I made with this medium, I would have to be content with something quite rough and uneven.

And so it was, that after a couple of projects on the loom knitter (you can find them here) I had thought for a while that an open weave bag would be wonderful, so out came my 41 peg loom,  the largest one I own, and the knitting yarn and I was underway.

The pattern is:

Cast on and continue using e-wrap stitch until bag reaches desired size.  Cast off. (the video instructions on how to cast on and the first row of e-wrap stitch are here - although I use a slip knot on the horizontal peg, rather than wrap and cast off is here)


Cast on four stitches.
Continue back and forward in rows of plain stitch until desired length is reached.  Cast off

Sew bottom of bag together and sew bag handles in place.

I really like the way the bag turned out.  It's just right for our Sunday morning fruit and veg shop at the local markets and as I've got plenty of Knitting Twine left over, I just might make myself a few eco-friendly more.


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  1. I am inviting you to come and share this in my Show Your Stuff blog hop, the party runs from Thursday evening until Tuesday:

    1. Thanks so much for the invite Julie - I've added your "Show Your Stuff" badge to our links page. Deb

  2. so cute. I have a link party called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party and would love to have you share this with everyone. Here is the link to the party.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

    1. Thanks for hosting the link party Debi, I've added the market bag. Deb

  3. Thanks so much for linking with last weeks Wednesday's Adorned From Above Link Party. This weeks party is opened and I would love to have you share any of your posts. The link for the party is
    I can't wait to see what you have been up to.

    1. Thanks for the reminder Debi - It's sometimes difficult to pick when the link party is up and running due to the different time zones, so we appreciate the reminder. Hope you like this week's project - Deb

  4. I think I might try this idea, but instead use a long loom to make a bigger bag =]

    1. Great idea Gabby - I'm definitely going to make my next one a larger size!

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