Monday, 5 November 2012

Handy hints for T-shirt transfers

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with a plain white T-shirt, there is a pleasure to be had in adding a design of your own choosing.  My 14 year old recently discovered that he had a couple of unadorned t-shirts in his wardrobe and so there was no time to be wasted in adding a little embellishment.  While it seems to be quite a simple process, there are a few little tricks it's worth noting when doing the transfers.  We use "Meter T-shirt Transfer Inject Paper", which they sell at our local art supply shop, but any brand will do, just make sure that you have an inkjet printer before you start.


inject fabric transfer paper
baking paper (glad bake in Australia or its equivilant)
ironing board

Once you have selected your transfer design and printed it onto the paper using your inkjet printer, it's time to set up the iron.  Now usually it's quite difficult to get a 14 year old interested in ironing, but I'm pleased to say I've been able to impart some ironing knowledge under the guise of "the t-shirt can't have any creases or the image will be ruined", so I can thoroughly recommend this project for parents everywhere!

  • Set the iron to cotton/linen and no steam.
  • Cut around transfer image to remove excess unwanted paper.
  • Place transfer paper face down onto t-shirt in position required.
  • Place sheet of baking paper over image.
  • Iron in place.  The instructions for our paper state that only 10-15 seconds is required to transfer the image, however we have found that the transfer is much more successful if we iron for approximately one minute, being careful to keep the iron moving at all times to prevent the t-shirt from burning.
  • Leave to cool
  • Carefully remove transfer paper and allow t-shirt to sit for about 24 hours prior to washing. 
The cutting off of the excess paper and leaving the transfer paper in place allowing it to cool, are the two processes that we have discovered that produce a better finish on the t-shirt.  Now that the t-shirts are done, I just have to find another craft project that will motivate my children to do more housework...I'm thinking something that involves cleaning the bath would work particularly well!


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  1. Such a cute idea! I never would have thought to do that, but it worked just perfectly. I may even do this for me...Thanks..

    hen and stag t-shirts

    1. Thanks Mary Louise, would love to hear how you go. Deb

  2. T shirt transfers are among the most common ways to get fast and efficient designs printed on t shirts.

  3. I love customized T-shirts! I’m planning to make some for the whole family so we can wear them at my sister’s birthday party. It would make a cute and special uniform, plus, it’s cheaper than buying a new dress at the mall, right? Thanks for sharing! I could make use of your tips and guidelines. - Lissette Monroe


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