Saturday, 3 November 2012

Frugal Fascinator

I've long thought that my tag line should be something along the lines of "The Frugal Crafter" or that perhaps I might sign off each blog update with "Yours frugally". If I can make something cheaply I will, and this fascinator is no exception. Given my frugal nature you may wonder why I would need a fascinator in the first place, they are a somewhat fanciful fashion accessory after all! You see I live in Melbourne and we have a rather famous horse race in November that not only stops the nation, but fills the stores with more ladies headwear than you could imagine.  The racing carnival spills over into the school yard and my daughter this year will be participating in school "Oaks Day", where everyone dresses up in their racing finery and it is she who will be wearing this pretty piece.

Base with wire frame and without

We wanted something of moderate size, but not quite Princess Beatrice proportions and thought a flat base with a floral accessory could work well.  Given my new found love of crochet, my first plan was to crochet a base and then stiffen it with starch.  I originally used the pattern from Midnight Knitter, but once complete realised that I wanted something bigger and stiffening it later was a bit tedious, so decided to look at it from another angle and made a wire frame and did single crochet around it.


The wire frame was simply made from florists wire that I already had on hand and the yarn was a leftover ball from another project.

We made the flower out of netting that was a $1 piece of curtain fabric in the remnants bin from our local Spotlight store.  Our original plan was to make a rose by folding a long strip of fabric in half and then rolling it  in a circle around a tight centre, but it didn't feel "shabby" enough, so changed tack and used the cut edge of the fabric as the right way up and made a looser flower which we then sewed in place.

One happy racegoer!

Yours frugally


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