Monday, 29 October 2012

"Slender Man" Sock Monkey.

Slender Man

Until recently I had never heard of "Slender Man".  This mythical being was brought to my attention by my 14 year old after seeing my attempts at making a sock monkey.  Given the similar elongated body types, we thought we'd have a go at modifying our sock monkey technique to come up with a creepy stuffed toy for a fourteen year old friend who's birthday just happens to fall around Halloween.

After looking at some google images of "Slender Man", we decided a suit wearing, faceless monkey-ish being could work quite well.

2 pairs of childs socks - one black and one white (knee high school socks work well.)
Black and white cotton
Polyester fill
Tailors chalk
Sewing Machine
Cotton Tape

Our previous Sock Monkey instructions are available here and for the Slender Man we followed the instructions for making the body and the arms and legs, but left off the tail and facial features and added a different coloured face. 


Using the black pair of socks, mark and cut arms, legs and body as per our original sock monkey blog post.  As we want the slender man to have a white face, cut and remove approx 10 cm (approx 4 inches) from the toe section of the black sock and sew approx 10 cm from the toe section of the white sock in its place.

Once the leg seams have been sewn and the head attached, it's then onto stuffing the Slender Man.  I found it best to under fill the body, in keeping with his slim nature.

Once the stuffing is complete, it's time to add the suit details, hands and arms.  I simply used pieces from our white sock to add a collar and white triangle for the shirt.  A thin piece of black cotton tape was used for the tie and an offcut from the black socks was used to simulate a jacket front seam.

I was very glad to get to the end of this project - it turns out creepy characters are fun for fourteen year olds, but not so much for their mothers!

Happy Crafting - Deb

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