Thursday, 11 October 2012

Rose Medusa Cowl

The Rose Medusa

I already have a Medusa Cowl (I Wish I Was a Fashionista blog post) but I wanted a more 'summery' one.  Something that says spring is in air - or soon will be so I thought the addition of a flower or 2 would be just the ticket.

Last week when I was in my local craft shop browsing - I was looking for grotesque Halloween items - and I had my arms full of Halloween colours and plastic tarantulas, I spied this wool.  When I say 'wool', it's a combination of 70% acrylic and 30% milk protein.  I was intrigued.  Could you get your daily dairy allowance by wearing it?

I loved the colour and the texture and broke with my long held tradition of never buying acrylic and purchased a few balls.

It knitted up beautifully, and I must say, I love the end result.

Rose Medusa Cowl Pattern

Using circular needles in the size recommended for your wool cast on approximately 150 stitches.

Knit 3 rows in stocking stitch

4th row: K6, then cast off all stitches until you come back to the original 6.
5th row: k6 (these 6 stitches form the 'spine' of the scarf which sits comfortably at the back of your neck) .. cast on a further 150 or so stitches. Varying the amount of the cast on stitches gives you the varying lengths of strands. Feel free to choose the sort of scarf you wish.

Knit 3 rows in stocking stitch.

9th row: K6, then cast off all stitches until you come back to the original 6.
10th row: K6 and cast on a further 150 or so stitches and continue until you have 10 or 11strands. The scarf pictured has 11 strands.

(The "Rose Medusa" scarf pictured is knitted on 4.0 circulars with 8ply. The scarf lengths vary from 145- 180 stitches)

Final row. Cast off all stitches.

The addition of a crocheted rose adds a beautiful feminine touch which I love.

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  1. Hello- I am so excited to try making this scarf! I was just wondering what the length was of the circular needle you used...just so I know for reference. Thanks!

    1. Hi Emma ..
      The length I used was 40cm. It works the best with the various amounts of stitches that need to be cast on for each length. Happy knitting .. Louise

  2. Oh I am so much in love with this !!! But I am not a knitter so thinking to make an i-cord version of this.. can you suggest a way to make spine in this case ?

    1. Hello .. I am so glad that you like the cowl. If I was to do it in i-cord, I would probably make all the different lengths but keep all the end stitches of the i-cord live. Once the cord has been finished, I would put a safety pin through the stitches to stop them from unravelling and once all the cords were ready, I would use a yarn needle and 'sew' all the stitches together. The spine wouldn't be as thick but if you oversewed the seam, it would be very secure. I hope this suggestion helps you out .. Good luck with it .. Louise

  3. Hi I love your pattern but I'm a bit confused .
    Do we knit with circular needles only or can this be knitted on straight needles too?

    1. Hi Neena, this pattern needs to be worked on circular needles as each strand has to join up. Happy Knitting, Louise.

  4. I love this and am anxious to make it. wondering how much yarn you used to complete it


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