Friday, 26 October 2012

No-carve Jack-O-Lantern

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Mr Buttons - Crafty and Child friendly.

Halloween is a great time for kids, but not so good if you are a teacher and trying to figure out a way for the class to have a Jack-O-Lantern that, in the process of making, does not involve sharp knives or candles.

Let us introduce Mr Jack Buttons, our no-carve, kid friendly Halloween pumpkin.

This is a very easy craft activity that will keep the class (working in groups) busy for the afternoon.

The process is very simple
Take one pumpkin, assorted buttons, hot glue gun and a marker pen.

Draw on the face of your 'Jack'.

... and start gluing on buttons.

A much safer way to create a focal point in the classroom.

Happy crafting (and Happy Halloween)


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