Sunday, 14 October 2012

Legend of Zelda Loom Knit Link Gauntlets (Fingerless Gloves)

Not so long ago we made a Link hat (you can find the instructions here ) and  my son decided that a pair of gauntlets to match were desperately needed.  One of the wonderful things about loom knitting is that anyone can do it and you don't need to know how to knit to produce a knitted garment.  So it was that I gave my 14 year old the loom knitter and some instructions and away he went.

The plan we had was to essentially make a pair of fingerless gloves in the same manner as I had made a pair of Loom Knit Leg Warmers.   The instructions for the leg warmers, which includes video links for casting on/off and rib stitch are here)

Loom Knit Fingerless Gloves (Gauntlets) Pattern

Cast on using the small 24 peg loom and two strands of 8ply wool.  Knit one, purl one rib stitch for seven rows
Purl stitch 5 rows

To make thumb hole: 

Row 1:  At the horizontal peg and rather than continue knitting, reverse and using purl stitch go back over the stitches from the last row (eg,  I knit going to the right of the loom, so at the marker peg I stop and reverse, meaning I'm now knitting to the left of the loom.  You are essentially going back and forward on the loom, rather than knitting in the round, without crossing over the pegs inbetween the horizontal marker).  Stop when you get to the peg on the opposite side of the  horizontal marker from where you started this row.

Row 2:  Reverse and using Purl stitch go back over the stitches as knitted in Row 1.  Stop at the peg on the opposite side of the horizontal marker peg from where you started this row.  Repeat Row 1 and Row 2 a further 2 times to form a hole.  A total of 6 rows.

Row 7:  Using Purl stitch continue knitting in the round beyond the horizontal peg as you did prior to commencing the thumb hole. Purl a further 8 rows

Rib Insert:  Rib (Knit one Purl one) for 15 rows

Continue in Purl stitch for 15 rows

Rib (Knit one , Purl one ) for 12 rows

Cast off.

My son wanted to include a bit of detail on the gauntlet and we both thought the section of rib in the middle was a great addition.

Happy loom knitting


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  2. I want so bad to learn to knit this but I tryed regular knitting twice and failed! Never knew you can do tube knitting on a loom.

  3. Two of my kids want these! Any tips for making a bit smaller? Thanks!

    1. Hi Erica, with loom knitting the size of the finished garment is dependent on the size of the loom you are using. If you are able to purchase an adjustable loom you should be able to make a smaller size. Deb

  4. Finally i now what to do with these items

  5. My husband wants me to make him a legend of zelda hat on the round loom? Which loom would I use and how many rows would I do that for? Or how would I make the gauntlets for and adult on the round loom? Thanks

    1. Hi Ashley. We've made a Link hat, but not using a loom ( I think the small loom I've used would also fit a small adult, otherwise an adjustable loom would probably work best> Deb

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  7. Do you have a video? I am new to loom knitting. I know e wraps and u wraps I have no idea what a purl or rib stitch is. ��

  8. I need to make the thumb larger and have failed many times. Any directions on how to enlarge that thumb piece?

    1. Knit a few more rows back and forth to make the thumb hole larger before returning to knitting in the round


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