Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Halloween Wine Cosy - Creepy Cabernet and Menacing Merlot

Due to the popularity of our Halloween Wine Cosies, we have come up with another simple idea to present a bottle wine during the holiday season.


Using size 4 DPN's and black 8ply (no need to be too fussy about the yarn you use here), cast on 40 stitches and distribute evenly.
Set up a K2,P2 ribbing and continue for 7-8cm's.

On the next row, increase between each K2 using the M1 increase.  (This is where you K1, using your right needle lift up the bar between the stitches and slip it onto the left hand needle.  Then you knit into the back of the bar that you have just lifted.  Knitting into the back of the stitch ensures that it is not loose).

Continue in stocking stitch until you are 1cm less that your bottle length and then decrease at each end of each needle until 4 or 5 stitches remain on each needle.  Using a wool needle, thread the wool through the remaining stitches and secure.

The Cosy is finished.

I searched the internet for instructions on how to tie a noose and then hung the little skeletons for maximum effect.  Once the skeletons were hung, I used cotton filler to create a creepy, cobweb effect.

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Cheers! Happy knitting and happy Halloween.


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  2. I bought a loom set. I tried making a hat and to no avail was not able to keep stitches on . I put them back in box and am back to crocheting


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