Thursday, 18 October 2012

Daisy Flip Flops

Springtime in Melbourne is a very hit and miss affair -  more miss than hit for the most part!  The cool chilly days of Winter seem to drag on for far longer than is entirely necessary and the warm days of Spring coyly wait their turn, rather than burst forth as I feel they should.  To coax the sunshine out of its slumber, I thought this year we would make some Daisy Flip Flops and Miss 11 thought that she could help out by crocheting a matching headband while I did the shoes and flowers.

*Before I go any further, a word of warning.  In Australia we call Flip Flops "Thongs" and so if I start referring to "Thongs" in this blog, I do not mean underwear...

I chose the traditional yellow and white colour scheme for our daisy shoes and headband in a standard 8 ply yarn.  To crochet the straps on the flip flops, I did a band of single crochet as if I was crocheting a circle and treating the shoe straps as if they were a crochet chain.


We used a simple daisy crochet pattern from Zen Crochet by Akua and chose version two of the varieties shown.  I left a long piece of yarn at the start and finish of the work and used that to sew the daisies onto the thong Flip Flop.

The headband is suitable for a total beginner (Miss 11 has been learning for approximately a month) and the pattern we came up with is:

Chain 6
*Single crochet into second chain from hook, and then Single Crochet into each stitch until the end of the row.
Chain 1, turn work*

repeat from * to * until headband fits around the head.  Slip stitch to join ends.

Who needs Spring sunshine when you can wear daisies in your hair!


You can follow the rest of my learning to crochet journey here

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