Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sock Knitting 101

18 Balls and Counting ..
I often wonder what is in the packages that other people are collecting when I am waiting in line at the post office.

Today though, I didn’t for I only had eyes for mine. Perhaps if someone was in the line behind me and was looking at my parcel from Germany they might wonder what it was. 

Well, let me tell you .. 11 balls of self patterning sock wool in all manner of colours.   At last count my stash of sock wool stands at 18 balls.  Not even a gentle ribbing (pun intended) from Deb could make me think that this was in any way excessive.

I figure, if I made a pair every 2 months, this stash would only last 3 years.  Sometimes, however, I can knit 2 or 3 pairs over the school holidays so this brings the sock total to about 10 a year and that is only enough wool to last just under 2 years.  PLUS, if I make them as presents for co-workers (and sisters), then I barely have any at all.  Perhaps I should be ordering some more?  

Socks in progress
What is this obsession with socks though?!  

You shouldn't just take our word for it.  Sock making is something that needs to be experienced and enjoyed, but where do you begin?  
We have come up with an instruction booklet to guide you through that first pair of socks.  It is straightforward, conversational and is a gentle introduction to the art of sock knitting.  You will be wearing you first pair of hand made socks in no time.

Sock Knitting 101 Tutorial - Free download

Let us know how you get on.  We would love a progress report and, of course, to see some photos of both the socks and the happy sock maker. 

Please note, we cannot be held responsible for any sock wool stash that may occur as a result of this booklet.

Have you tried loom knitting?

Instructions for loom knitted socks.  If you have a craft loom and are not sure what to do with it, why not knit socks?

Happy Knitting


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