Monday, 10 September 2012

Left Handed Crochet - Granny Square

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When my husband's much loved grandmother passed away, six months before our first child was born, she left a stash of wool that a very kind Aunt then croched into an Afghan blanket for us.  Consisting of a mulititude of colours and a granny square design, this afghan  has been one of two family blankets that were always the first thing out of the cupboard whenever the children were unwell.  Through chicken pox (it was the days prior to immunisation), colds, infections, tummy bugs and just plain overtiredness, this blanket has seen it all.

From the start of my crochet journey, being able to put together a granny square has been high on my priority list and after learning chain, single, double, triple and slip stitch I decided to be brave and see if I had the technical knowledge to pull it off.  Turns out it's simply chain, triple (treble) and slip stitch...hooray.

I used Catherine Hirst's video tutorial, which was easy to follow and in no time at all my first granny square was well under way.

Granny Square

After growing a little tired of Lavender yarn, I've now spiced it up a little and added a couple more colours and although I was simply going to do a few more squares, this one kept growing and growing and is well on its way to becoming a blanket, even though the colour doesn't match one other item in my house.

 My First Crochet Afghan

At this stage I'm not adverse to unravelling and starting something a little more neutral, but I'm really enjoying the practice.  To make this pattern I've simply done the inner square with 5 rows of trebles and then each colourway is two rows of treble.


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