Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Button Wreaths

Despite being previously outed as a person for whom Christmas isn't a favourite time of the year (you can read about it here), even I admit that it is a joy to see the pure pleasure of children during the festive season.  I remember as a child helping to decorate the tree and making garlands out of tissue paper to be wildly strewn along our hallway.  I'm even quite positive there must have been some sort of macaroni artwork and Santas made from toilet paper rolls.  Now that I have my own family, our yearly unpacking and packing of decorations is usually met with "Oh, do you remember this", "Can we put the fairy that I made at Kindy on the tree this year" and "I love these little mice that Nan made".  There really is something wonderful about homemade decorations!

For this post I thought I'd do a decoration that could involve both the kids and adults.  It's not recommended for under 3 year olds due to the swallowing hazard from the buttons, but anyone over that age will be fine.  It's probably best for an adult to do the gluing as it can be quite fiddly (and the glue I used specifically said "Keep out of reach of children", so that's another good reason!)


Assorted buttons


For younger children a great learning activity can be sorting the buttons into size and colour.  We used the larger buttons as the base and smaller buttons in front in contrasting colours, but mix, match and overlap as you please.  Layout in desired design.  Glue in place. Tie ribbon through centre of wreath and tie in a bow/knot.

I can't wait to add these to our collection of decorations this year and a few might even end up as adornments to our gift wrapped presents.

Happy crafting!


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