Friday, 10 August 2012

Urban Tactical Scarf

Not long ago, my 16 year old son arrived home from school proudly announcing that he'd had the "best idea ever" and everyone was going to want an "Urban Tactical Scarf for the zombie apocalypse".  In my day, we were much more concerned with the possibility of thermonuclear annihilation, rather than an animated corpse wreaking havoc, but I digress!  The so called "Urban Tactical Scarf" is designed to not only keep the wearer warm, but to provide storage space for small household items that could be used as weapons, food and any other implements that a zombie warrior might require whilst waiting to destroy the brains of the attacking  hordes.  Naturally I invited my son to participate in making this was his idea after all!


Cotton Drill
Cotton thread
Sewing Machine

- Cut two lengths of fleece 18.5cm wide.  The length of fabric required will vary, and my son has particularly long arms, so we needed to make our scarf longer than the norm.  We added together 24 cm for the end pocket, the length of his arm, plus enough fabric to drape around his neck.  Our total length for each piece was 184cm.
-Sew two ends together along short edges with right sides facing.

-To add hood (optional), we simply took the outline of an existing hoodie, cut two and sewed together with right sides facing.  Centre hoodie over the centre seam of the scarf and sew in place with right sides facing.

-To add pockets, cut 8 pieces of cotton drill 13cm x 13cm and make a small hem at the top of each piece.  With right sides facing, sew pairs together along 3 sides leaving hemmed seam open.
-Hem the two ends of the fleece scarf
-Fold up 24 cm of fleece fabric from the end of the scarf, which will form the pocket for the hands.  Pin cotton drill pocket in place to the right side of the fleece fabric, unfold fabric to ensure that you don't sew all of the layers together while attaching the pocket, and sew in place.  Do this for both ends of the scarf.
-With right sides together, and with pocket now sewn in place, fold 24cm of scarf at each end, sew side seams and turn pocket out.
-Place remaining pockets on scarf in locations as desired, sew.

We've already had an order from a friend for one of these...maybe my son is onto something?


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