Monday, 13 August 2012

The Great North American Afghan that nearly was

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The Little Australian Blanket

The minute I saw the pattern book for this afghan, I was hooked.

I'm always looking for patterns that challenge my knitting and where I can learn new methods and stitches .. and this was it!  Squares of all different patterns, textures and techniques.  This would keep my busy for days.  I couldn't wait to start and went straight online to purchase the wool.

All was going well as one square after another was completed, but, out of the blue, I discovered sock knitting and I was hooked.  Just as I had once been knitting squares, it was now socks and I was knitting like a women possessed.

9 pairs of socks later my sock obsession had calmed somewhat and I was ready to resume my afghan .. But something had changed.  I had gone through the pattern book and knitted all my favourite squares first and now I didn't want to knit the ones I didn't quite like. 

I deliberated about whether to finish it as per the original pattern or modify it.   I kept looking at the sqaures to see if I REALLY wanted to knit them, but I didn't so, in the end, partly because I am an impatient person and I wanted it finished, I chose to modify it.  I changed some of the squares- the pink leaf pattern is not in the original and I knitted 2 squares of stocking stitch to make up the numbers.  I chose the same colour as the plain squares for my crocheted border to finish it off and bring it all together.
Now I only have to do a bit of hand sewing.  One of the squares requires some cross stitching and I have to sew my Celtic knot work in place.

It's smaller than the original but just as cute.  I call it 'The Little Australian Blanket'

I have the other book in the series .. The Great American Aran Afghan.  I'm tempted to start but I'm already knitting an aran jumper, I have 11 balls of sock wool due to arrive from Germany any day now and I want to start knitting tea cosies.  Perhaps a Great American Aran Cushion?

Happy Knitting

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