Thursday, 30 August 2012

Simple Sock Monkey

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After seeing the fabulous sock monkeys from Aero Plus, we thought perhaps we could have a go at making one of these cute creatures, hopefully for substantially less than the retail asking price.   Normally I would just use whatever we had in the house, but it's hard enough to find a matching pair of socks here, let alone a pair that had the required patterning to add personality to a monkey!  After a trip to several stores we finally found a suitable pair at the bargain price of $4.00.  We decided long socks would be the right way to go, as having length through the limbs is always a lovely look, and while the socks were also available in my husband's footy team colours, we thought perhaps he wouldn't be thrilled with a sock monkey for Father's Day (honestly, some people are so fussy!) and went with girly pink and grey instead.



Sewing Machine
Cotton thread
Polyester Fill
Buttons and or felt for eyes
Coloured cotton for facial features

Once we had gathered the items we used the detailed tutorial from Fiona Wilk whose clear instructions easily took us through the project and it was all going very well ...mostly.

machine sewing complete

Let me paint you a picture of how it transpired.  The whole time we were cutting and sewing and stuffing this item my delighted daughter couldn't contain herself.   "This is so exciting", "I just love this", "It's starting to look like a monkey now, isn't that great", until I was attempting to stuff the long arms and legs when the chatter turned to "You know mum, this person is a professional.  It doesn't have to look exactly like hers"...  The problem with stuffing a long, thin stretch fabric is that it's quite hard to get it smooth.  At one point the sock monkey was going to be called "Bicep", thanks to its huge Popeye style upper arm muscle (just one side, the other arm was more Olive Oyl in its muscularity).

 Cut and stuffed

After about half an hour of pinching and stretching monkey limbs in an effort to smooth the bumps, and a little bit of internal dialogue that may have contained some swear words, I got to the point of  "That will do", Andie wisely chimed in with "That looks fine" and I started sewing things in place.

Attaching limbs and tail

Ears and Mouth

Selecting Eyes

Andie ended up choosing the felt eyes (leftovers from a finger puppet making set) as she thought the buttons looked a little creepy.


Despite my complaining about this project, we are very pleased with the finished product (although I'd still like the legs to be a bit smoother.)  Andie has named her new companion "Dimble" and has declared this the most successful craft project ever.  Next time I'll choose shorter socks so that the limbs are easier to stuff, but that really was the only problem I encounted.  Andie is wanting to make some more monkeys as gifts, so if you see me around town rummaging through discount stores looking for socks, you'll know why!


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