Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Phoenix Knitting ...

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The mythical firebird with its tail of gold and scarlett might just be the ideal symbol for my knitting.  How many times has a project, filled with promise, ended up as 'ashes'?  In my case, many times. 

I've shelved more projects than I care to mention that did not make the grade for one reason or another .. Incorrect tension, misreading the pattern (I once knitted the child's size instead of the adults) , wrong choice of wool . The list goes on and it's bound to happen if, like me, you are quite impatient and may forget to read all the instructions.  Yet for some reason, I was reluctant to undo anything and re-use the wool.  I just put it away in the 'never to be worn draw'.

Recently, it happened again.  I saw a jumper in the first edition of 'The Knitter'.  A feminine Aran knit, cabled to within an inch of its life.  I knitted it, it was beautiful ..  but it didn't fit!!  This was not a problem with the pattern, I was just having enormous difficulties sewing in the sleeves.  I unpicked them twice and then, in frustration, decided I would try and live with it.  Perhaps I was just imagining that the high collar and full sleeves were too Jacobean for my liking.  Perhaps I could wait for oversized puffy sleeves to come back in fashion  (I think they might be on their way) .. But I was very annoyed!  The wool was good quality and I didn't want it to go to waste.  So, in the knitting equivalent of the Phoenix I decided to undo the jumper.
The less said about that, the better.
One of my online pattern inspiration sites, 'GarnStudios'  has some lovely patterns and one day (well, let's face it - most days) when I was browsing for a pattern, I came across a Lacey Jacket that I decided to knit. 

 Link to Pattern

Out came the creme wool from the Jacobean Jumper.  At last count, I have 5, knitted long jackets so I am not sure why I chose to knit another .. Who knows how or why the urge to knit something occurs.  I always say to go with the flow.  It's easier and less painful that way!                  
I love the whole process of knitting.  For me it is not just a question of getting it finished.  I love watching it all come together and for this reason, the jacket proved to be quite cathartic.  Bit by bit, I forgot about all the frustration of my failed jumper and was enjoying the re-knitting project.   However, just to make sure that the puffy sleeves did not come back to haunt me, I picked up stitches for the sleeve from around the shoulder and arms and knitted them in the round.  I was so happy with the end result that I think I might try that for all my sleeves.

New jacket, new tip for future projects - I was happy!

It might not be gold or scarlett, (just as well..)  but it's a Phoenix in every sense of the word. 

Happy Knitting ..


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