Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Leftovers .. is not a dirty word.

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I love leftovers and whether they are food, yarn, or fabric, they have inspired many great meals and projects from women who have delved into their creative selves and come up with something as good, if not better than the original.

Who hasn't had an inspirational moment with a left over bolognaise or casserole?  Not that it happens in my household too often but since I purchased a pie machine, many of my dinners have been improved with the addition of a bit of puff pastry.

Every now again, I come across something in my web browsing which leaves me to marvel at the creativity of some women.  The latest one is the blog by Shelly Kang 'The  Heathen Housewife' on her knitted sock wool blanket.

I am the first person to put my hand up and admit that I love knitting socks and everything associated with them and I will also admit to spending quite a bit of money (more than I should -but so far I have managed to hide the evidence) on some gorgeous sock wool.  In fact I just placed an order on ebay for 11 balls of self patterning wool.  I figure I am Ok until I run out of places to put it and as I have an attic/store room, I'm good for years to come.  But I always have leftover wool that I wouldn't dream of parting with.  Bit by bit my stash of leftover wool was growing and was getting harder to hide/store.  Then I stumbled upon Shelly's blog and knew what I had to do.  Her blanket is nothing short of stunning and is something that I wished I had thought of.

The great thing about this blanket is that it is full of memories even as you knit it ..

'This is the wool I used to knit a pair of socks when we were holed up in our caravan in Bright, Victoria due to the incessant rain that eventually turned into the great floods of 2011'

'This is the wool I bought with the birthday voucher my sister Deb gave me'

'This is the wool from the socks I made for my daughter Hayley when she went to Canada for a holiday - I knew how cold it gets'

Every pair of socks tells a story and they are all woven into Shelly Kang's blanket idea - Sheer Genius if you ask me!

Years ago, I fell in love with a cotton sweater that had panels of crochet down the front and back and at the cuffs of the sleeves.  I crocheted all the panels, started knitting the body of the sweater but we moved house, and it was packed away with my Mum.  Earlier this year she bought the unfinished project back to me but it had been so long (and 3 house moves later) that the sweater was no longer fashionable and I had almost forgotten how to crochet.  I loved the panels though so I joined them together to make a fabulous scarf.  It looks intricate but it couldn't be easier .. It's just leftover crocheted blocks joined together. 

If you would like to make something similar with leftover balls of wool, this pattern from Garns Studio would look lovely.

Occasionally, it's what you do with what is leftover that ends up being the main attraction.

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