Monday, 20 August 2012

Left Handed Crochet - Triple (Treble) Stitch

Triple Stitch

Apparently we can call this particular stitch "Treble" or "Triple", so while I'll continue to call it "Triple" feel free to interchange the name as you wish.

For this new stitch I once again turned to one of my current favourite people, Teresa, whose Youtube instructions from "The Art of Crochet"   on this slightly more complicated stitch are as clear and easy to follow as her previous videos .  One thing I've learnt about Teresa this week is that she isn't actually left handed, and that the left handedness in the video is all to do with special effects.  You can read all about it here.  Normally I would be aghast at this misrepresentation, but at this point in time my admiration knows no bounds and instead, I think I shall continue to admire her skill and thank her endlessly in my mind (and on this blog come to think of it) for sharing her knowledge.

It seems that with every new stitch my main problem is tension, as my brain and fingers attempt to come to terms with, what is initially, a rather steep learning curve.  While I'm always thrilled with the first attempt as it unfolds in front of me, by the time I've practiced a few times, that first attempt seems rather ratty and lacking in uniformity. 

First attempt
Third attempt

I did start following a community Crochet board on Pinterest this week, but after I was overwhelmed with crocheted items, I quickly unfollowed and will find something a little less overwhelming to start with.  I even ventured to look at a crochet pattern, and realised that I'm a very long way from my goal of crocheting a bag or rug or hat...and have you seen these fabulous crochet slippers

Hope you'll join me next time on my crochet journey.


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