Monday, 27 August 2012

Left Handed Crochet - Slip Stitch

Pin It Step 5 - Slip Stitch

I really thought I'd lost my crochet mojo when I attempted this stitch.  I followed exactly the instructions from "The Art of Crochet" and I just felt that it wasn't working for me.  After several attempts and a crushing blow to my previous crochet love affair, I did some further research and discovered that this stitch isn't usually used to crochet a piece, but instead is mainly used to join can't imagine my relief after struggling to comprehend why this wasn't coming together as well as my previous stitch attempts.  I was also in a mild panic as it was my first time using the Knit Pro hook I'd recently purchased, and I was mystified as to why it would suddenly send my crochet into the realms of disaster.

Slip Stitch

This was the week that I also got to the point of forgetting just how many yarn overs each stitch had so I decided to sit down and write my own patterns for each, when I discovered there's already more than a few online and so downloaded the "Learn To Crochet" pack from Lion Brand Yarns.  Of course, while searching I did come across some gorgeous stitch dictionaries and I'll be dropping some very unsubtle hints to my family that my birthday isn't too far away and gosh, a book and some wool really is all I need to make it a lovely day...Oh, and if someone could cook dinner that would be quite fabulous as well!


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