Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Left Handed Crochet - Chain Stitch

Step 1.  The chain

The sun is shining, the house is mostly tidy (well as tidy as it is going to be today), dinner is in the slow cooker and I’ve an hour or so to myself, so now seems as good a time as any to learn the basics of crochet.  I’ve mentally prepared myself (you can find my crochet back story here ) , wool and crochet hook are in hand and Google is at the ready…let us begin!

The first offering from Google when I enquire “How to crochet left handed” is a wonderful YouTube video from Crochet Mania, featuring Teresa from  “The Art of Crochet”.  I admit to pausing the video in the beginning to make sure I had everything in the right place, but then as if Teresa was reading my mind, the video actually started playing at a slower speed, the voiceover stopped and I was able to more or less keep up with her as she showed me the most basic of crochet stitches.  By the time the two and a half minutes of Teresa’s demonstration was up, I had myself a pretty nifty crochet chain, but many questions. 

I remember watching my mother crochet and it was one smooth, seamless action with the wool wrapped around her fingers a particular way.  My crochet action was definitely not smooth and my particular way with wool was just to have it wrapped gently around my index finger and Teresa hadn’t given any instructions on what to do in that regard.  I decided to delve a little deeper and came across the Crochet Australia website  which has a whole section on left handed crochet.  Thanks to Theresa’s instructions the pictures made perfect sense and the drawings on what to do with both hands were exactly what I was looking for, but all of a sudden the chain seems a bit more difficult as my fumbling fingers struggled with getting everything just right.

 Chain 1.
 Chain 3

I’m currently working on chain number three.  I can see the tension improving already and the action is getting a little smoother, although obviously I’ve got a long way to go before a natural rhythm magically  unfolds on my fingers, but I do want it to be just right before I proceed.  A sneek peek at Teresa’s next “Art of Crochet” video and I can see that the upcoming lesson is “Single Crochet” and I can’t wait to start.

Hope you’ll join me next time.


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  1. Just found this from Pinterest... so glad to no longer fell alone as a fellow left hander who wants to crochet! My mum used to crochet fluidly too but my attempts have not got further than a stuttering chain so far!

    1. Good luck with your crochet. I have to say I'm really enjoying the whole process and I'm so thankful to all of the resources on the internet for making it much easier for left handers!


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