Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Little Lace Cuff

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I was searching through a box of embellishments last week and came across some gorgeous lace trim that had been purchased for a long forgotten project, but as it was so lovely it seemed a shame to have it sitting in its original brown paper bag, never seeing the light of day.  I've long admired cuffs, that are so in right now, and I thought the lace I had would be the perfect foundation for a very pretty fashion statement.

Level of Difficulty - Very Easy
Time - About 1/2 an hour plus drying time


Lace (if you don't have any to hand, your local fabric shop will usually have shelves of trims that are ideal for making cuffs - choose as wide or as narrow as you please)
Fabric Stiffener
Thick Paint brush
Cling Film
Paper Towel Roll with stuffing to replicate arm size


Cut lace to required size.  This cuff is for my daughter and the circumference of her forearm is approx 15cm (around 6 inches) so I made sure the lace was slightly less wide than that so it didn't overlap on her arm.

Cut paper towel roll lengthwise and stuff with filling of your choice to replicate circumference of forearm.  I just used bubble wrap for this.  Cover in Cling Film

Paint Fabric Stiffener onto lace (I put down a layer of cling film to make cleaning up easier).  Place on cling film covered paper towel roll and allow to dry.  During the drying process, I removed the lace and replaced the cling film to remove an excess fabric stiffener from the lace.  Repeat twice until cuff is fully dry.

We loved the result and now I'm wondering what other lace I have hidden away!

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  1. this looks awesome, very very clever, well done :-)

    1. Thanks Zaid, really happy with how this turned out!

  2. This is such a great idea! Would modpodge work?

    1. Thanks Betriska - Modge Podge isn't readily available in Australia, so I haven't had a chance to experiment. If it dries hard and clear (and doesn't cause a skin reaction) then I think it should be fine. Deb