Saturday, 21 July 2012

.. A Stitch in Lime ..

When my daughter Hayley moved out of home and took my heart with her I wanted to make something for her to remind her how much I loved her and missed her. I'd already knitted her a pair of socks but they merely say 'keep warm' not 'Mum's thinking of you'..

.. So I decided on a thick, wool blanket.  She chose the lime/guava colour ( I'm more a neutrals person).  When I say thick, it's 24 ply!  That's 3 balls of 8 ply knitted together using size 15 needles.  I try and use Bendigo Woollen Mills wool as much as possible as they are very reasonably priced.  Their balls are 200g which is the equivalent of 4 normal sized balls.

From years of trial and error, I have made the decision to knit only with wool where possible.  Whilst this might make me sound like a bit of a knitting snob, I have had too many acrylic disasters to feel comfortable knitting with anything else.  A pink shrug, knitted on circular needles with 600 stitches instantly comes to mind.  I could have used it as a couch cover.

I wanted a simple pattern that was easy to do in front of the TV and decided on a 5 stitch repeat of a mock cable pattern.   I cast on 153 stitches which will end up making a very comfortably sized double blanket.

the pattern is:
R1.     *K3, slip next stitch purl wise, knit 1, lift slip stitch with left hand needle and as you go to to pull it off the needle, knit it* K3

R2.   K3, P2 to last 3 stitches, K3

I'm a huge fan of Knit Pro interconnecting needles and I'm knitting it on circulars .. Just not joining it up.  This saves trying to jam all the stitches onto one needle.

Oh .. And I never knit the first stitch of any row. I always slip the first stitch to give a very neat edge. I despaired for years about loose edge stitches until I read about this tip ..
Once you get going, it's very simple!

However, there's no hurry now .. Hayley has moved back home so I can take my time .. It might be ready by the time she moves out in October.


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