Monday, 23 July 2012

Sew easy Sylvanian Sleeping Bags

There was a time when I was terribly organised and kept a little stash of birthday presents on hand so that when the children brought home party invites it was a simple matter of raiding the present cupboard and selecting something suitable to give as a gift to the celebrating child.  Now that my tribe are older, my present stash has made way for simple cards with cash included, so that the partying teens can make their way to EB Games or JB Hi-Fi at their leisure to purchase the latest game, or top up their iTunes account.  That’s fine for my sons, but when my daughter Andie, who is officially a “preteen”, is invited to a birthday we tend to buy art and craft items or gift vouchers from the local accessory store, because after all there is nothing quite like a sparkling array of beads and baubles to thrill the heart of a young lady.  Recently though, Andie was invited to the birthday party of a fellow Sylvanian Families collector and we thought it might be lovely to sew a couple of Sylvanian Sleeping bags  to make the gift giving a little bit more special.

I’ve found the trick to making anything Sylvanian is to go with fabrics that have a very small pattern, so that it fits the scale of these petite woodland creatures.  I was thrilled to pick up a fat quarter of tiny toile in Big W a few months ago and this seemed the perfect time to make use of my find.

To make one sleeping bag:

Fabric – a rectangle of approx 20cm x 7.5cm (8 x 3 inches)
Trim - in this instance some broderie anglaise and some braid.  Only about 7.5cm (3 inches) of each.
Polyester Filling – about a teaspoon to a tablespoon worth should do. 

We’ve found this size is ideal for the Sylvanian children (not the babies, but the next size up) and the process is very easy as long as you turn and sew the fabric the right way, which took a couple of tries to get right when we first attemped this little project earlier in the year.

To start, hem both the smaller edges of the fabric and then fold down approx 4cm (1.5 inches) from one of these hemmed edges with right sides facing.  Sew the side seams of the folded section to make a pocket for the polyester filling.  Once sewn, turn the pocket out, insert the stuffing and sew along the base of the once folded pocket to form a little pillow. 

It’s always a joy at this moment to realise that there’s only three more seams to sew and we’ll be finished…this project really is that quick.

Sew the trims in place on the end opposite to the recently made pillow.  Fold fabric with right sides facing so that the trimmed edge is level with the base of the pillow.  Pin in place and then sew the side seams.  If you line up the sides you’ll be left with a little gaping hole in the middle, which is the perfect size for a Sylvanian to slip into.

And there you have it, your Sylvanians will be snug as a bug in a rug…or should that be as snug as a Katie Honeybear in a custom made sleeping bag?

Happy Birthday Tash


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