Friday, 27 July 2012

Needles in Newcastle

A few months ago I went on a little shopping trip to Spotlight to buy myself some wool.  It wasn't a planned trip as I really didn't need any more yarn, but the days in Melbourne were starting to shorten, there was a particular chill in the air and my knitting needles were calling. 

I picked up enough wool that day for a few smaller projects.  A skein of sparkly silver wool quickly became a loose knit scarf, but the Moda Vera Fiammone, a super bulky yarn with slubs a plenty,  continued to flummox me.  I did start to knit up a scarf or two but quickly realized my stash of needles did not contain any that were large enough to deal with this winter weight wool and so the scarves were unravelled as quickly as they were started and I put my purchase aside while I waited for some larger needles to find their way to me.

Fast forward to a recent holiday to Lake Macquarie, a beautiful part of Australia an hour or so north of Sydney, where the sun seems to shine even in the depths of winter, a feat Melbourne has struggled with since we moved here five years ago (not that I'm complaining, we love Melbourne, it's just that slightly warmer weather with an extra day or so of sunshine wouldn't go astray).  We sampled food in the Hunter Valley, fed the pelicans at The Entrance,  whale watched, even though someone forget to tell the whales it was about that time of the year they were supposed to be making an appearance, and best of all spent a morning meandering around the fabulous Centenary Antique Centre in Newcastle.  It was here I  discovered there is nothing quite as exciting as wandering through a gorgeous space filled with vintage clothes, once treasured toys, old oak furniture, jewels, handbags  and antique china when you have a pair of 12mm knitting needles in your hand that you spied within thirty seconds of entering the building.  The needles aren't antique, but I happily parted with my $6 knowing that I could finally use my wool.

Back home in Melbourne, a simple pattern (Cast on 16 stitches, knit as many rows of stocking stitch as you please, cast off, sew seam) and my cowl is complete...finally!


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