Monday, 30 July 2012

I Wish I Was A Fashionista

I have a friend, Sondra, who lives in Mexico who exudes style.  She can wear anything and it looks fabulous.   Bit by bit, my fashion confidence has grown somewhat (thank you Trinny & Susannah) but it will never match that of my dear friend.

 Still, I try.  I see things in shops, on TV or the Internet and think, I can make that!  And I can!!  But the question remains - Can I wear that?

I've made a scarf that I've nicknamed 'Medusa'.  Eight strands of what looks like French knitting.  It looks good but I am not game enough to wear it.  Maybe it explains my obsession with socks.  I wear every pair that I've made and no one gets to see them. 

My sister Deb has made a knitted cowl that looks great but she is uneasy about wearing.  Why is this?   I think it's all about confidence - not confidence about wearing it, confidence about saying to people if they ask where you got it, that you've made it.  Then it's no longer just a scarf or a cowl, it's something that you've made that invites compliments or, heaven forbid, criticism. 

Still, easier said than done.  Cushions and blankets are safe, as are socks but it's time to make some scarier items.  Jumpers, vests and yes Deb, even the odd cowl.

I say - Wear It!  ..Maybe

Medusa Scarf Pattern

Using circular needles in the size recommended for your wool cast on approximately 150 stitches.

Knit 3 rows in stocking stitch

6th row: K6, then cast off all stitches until you come back to the original 6.
7th row: k6 (these 6 stitches form the 'spine' of the scarf which sits comfortably at the back of your neck) .. cast on a further 150 or so stitches. Varying the amount of the cast on stitches gives you the varying lengths of strands. Feel free to choose the sort of scarf you wish.

Knit 3 rows in stocking stitch

13th row: K6, then cast off all stitches until you come back to the original 6.
14th row: K6 and cast on a further 100 or so stitches and continue until you have 10 or 11 strands.

(The "Medusa" scarf pictured is knitted on 4.5 circulars with 8ply. The scarf lengths vary from 115 - 170 stitches)

Final row. Cast off all stitches.

(Based on a pattern originally found in the Australian Better Homes and Garden Knitting Bonus Issue)

Another example of a Medusa Scarf

Have fun experimenting with the many fantastic specialty wools available.

Happy Knitting


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  1. Your scarf is beautiful - and very stylish! You should definitely wear it - and wear it proudly.
    Thanks for the pattern - I might try this when I find some suitable yarn for it.
    Greetings from Denmark :)
    (found you via Pinterest, just so you know)

    1. Thank you Mona for your kind words. I have to say, we are getting braver with wearing our creations and Louise is currently thinking of knitting this is Summer colours. Would love to hear how your scarf turns out.

  2. I love your version of this scarf and also the name. I understand totally what you say about having the confidence not just to wear it but to show off your handiwork and invite criticism. I have seen these ready made in a very stylish shop and have lusted after owning one but too expensive to justify buying one. I have been looking for a pattern for ages and yours is by far the best I have seen. I intend to knit one and WILL wear it I promise you.

    1. Thank you .. I am getting much better at wearing my things and am very happy to know that you will wear it .. Happy knitting :-)


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