Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Addicted to Socks ..

What can I say about my love affair with socks? 

They were, to me, the item that stamped the words 'serious knitter' on your forehead.  They were the item that separated the novice from the experienced and I was desperate to learn.  If I had known just how easy they are to make, I would have started years ago.

About 3 years ago, I treated myself to a $30 ball of sock wool for my birthday. I had never owned such expensive wool.  It came as a hank and I was nearly in tears trying to unravel the huge knot I ended up creating.  It took me 2 days and it was not an auspicious start and once I managed to get the wool in a ball shape, I put it away, fearful of touching it again.

Nearly a year later, I picked it up, determined to have 'serious knitter' in my resume.  I chose one of Melissa Morgan-Oakes 2-at-a-time socks.  I was not foolhardy enough to attempt the 2-at-time method, just one at a time was fine by me.

As I worked through them, I came to realize that they weren't as hard as I had thought.  In fact, I had to redefine my definition of a serious knitter.  It is now double knitting.  I've seen a Celtic knot work blanket that I want to master but that's a blog for another time.

I even started a sock knitting club at work .. Seriously!  Sock knitting de-mystification seemed to be a calling of mine for a while there.  I had learned the secret and was determined to pass it on to anyone who would listen.

They are the perfect 'in-between' project.  Something small to knit whilst trying to decide on the next big thing and our 5 week trip to Victoria saw me come back with 5 pairs of socks thanks to a fantastic wool store in Lakes Entrance. 

I'm currently knitting a pair of Cookie A's socks (kai-mei) in purple and blue 4 ply.  I have her book 'Sock Innovation' and if it's inspiration you  are after, then this book has it in spades.

One of my prized knitting items is my set of nickelplated sock knitting needles and  I always make sure that I have sock wool to hand . Which reminds me, I am down to my last 3 balls so it's time to order some more.  Hayley wants a pair of white, lacy socks so I believe that will be my next project.

Happy knitting.


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